Trump is rapidly bringing down US dominance in the world

The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States gave the world a chance, said political analyst Alexei Mukhin. He said this on July 7 on the air of the program “Time will show” on Channel One.

“Almost every American president has two terms. And this gives the eight-year-old, with the help of which the American leadership and the American establishment are achieving their goal all over the world, ”said Mukhin. – The United States before Donald Trump achieved almost all the tasks that they set. Donald Trump is a system error in this design that gave the world a chance. Because a person has clearly cognitive dissonance. He must play by the rules that are imposed on him. And on the other hand, he, as a normal person, is trying to fight this. And this Trump fight we are seeing now. ”

And this, as Mukhin emphasized, “brings down the construction of US dominance around the world.”

“So fast that I can’t even believe it,” the political scientist said.