Trump laughed at Biden’s allegations of betrayal in favor of Russia

US President Donald Trump laughed at his future election candidate Joe Biden over his statement about the betrayal of the US military.

In his Twitter, Trump wrote that it’s funny to watch how the “corrupt Joe Biden” reads out a statement about Russia, which is clearly written by his curators.

“Russia furnished him and Obama when they were in power, so big that Obama wanted to remove them from the G8,” Trump said, noting that the US was weak in everything and especially with the Russian Federation.

We will remind, earlier, the New York Times, citing anonymous sources in the US intelligence, posted material that Russian military intelligence allegedly offered fighters in Afghanistan a reward for attacks on American soldiers.

Following this publication, Biden accused Trump of betraying the U.S. military. According to him, if the article in the New York Times is true and Trump was aware of what is happening, then this is “a betrayal of the most sacred service that our military has.”

The White House questioned the reliability of the New York Times. The American president himself called the publication “another ordering,” and the newspaper itself – “fake.”

In the Russian Foreign Ministry, reports of the involvement of Russian intelligence in the killings of the US military in Afghanistan were called fake.