Trump loses in key states

Sky, board number one, Mount Rushmore is an embodied picture of American patriotism. Sculptor John Gutzon Borglum himself chose her main characters – Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. They say that someone who looked at them through the Boeing porthole has a dream someday to join them.

Dark spots are not visible from the height at which Trump flies, but now this symbol of the USA is also covered by them. They recalled that two of those who were carved in granite were slaveholders, and the memorial itself stands on Indian soil. The indigenous inhabitants of these places offered a compromise, but the author did not agree to a draw, like any winning chronicler.

The leader’s face, the Frantic Horse, could also appear on Mount Rushmore, but the sculptor Borglum refused to the Indians. A horse statue from a two-hundred-meter cliff has been carved in the neighborhood for 73 years. Almost finished the head and started the arm.

The frantic horse lost his main war – for the Black Hills (as this mountain range is called). The US government needed the gold found in these places, and the agreement signed with the Indians at Fort Laramey turned into dust.

“I came here because there is a meeting of racists, and if not racists, then people who support this racist system. They say: we will make America great again. It was not great, there has never been equality, there have always been slaves. We – Native Americans – got the right to vote only after the First and Second World Wars, “said one of the Indians.

In the hands of a young man from the Ogla tribe – the flag of the Lakota Indians. Now that the slogan “Black lives matter” was learned even in the farthest reservations, the Lakota people remembered what the Black Hills meant to him. A battle cry swept over them on the day of Trump’s arrival.

This group, hiding their faces under masks, rolled onto the warpath in a battered minibus. Not a pipe of the world they lit before the start of the protests. The most radical are for ending Mount Rushmore with dynamite. “This is our land, here we pray to our gods, hold ceremonies on the territory of the Black Hills, which were illegally taken away from us. We prayed that they showed us the way and to protect us,” they said.

Apparently, from the police – the protesters blocked the road to the memorial – and from Trump supporters who did not like the fact that they were turning the national holiday into a political feud.

To protest against the appearance of trump on Mount Rushmore gathered from all the surrounding reservations. Medical masks on their faces (and they all have it here) are also part of a political protest, because masks are not necessary to wear at a Trump rally.

Received frivolously. The coronavirus incidence curve in the United States again steeply climbed up. There are already more than 132 thousand dead. The infection crept close to the Trump family. The virus was found in Kimberly Gilfoyl, who works in the campaign headquarters and meets with Donald Trump Jr. At Trump Sr. in South Dakota, he performed as the opening act. Held an event for young Republicans, which included Christina Malimon, a novice Oregon politician from the Moldovan city of Balti.

“He went to the office in order to save our country. The left side, she sees how he is doing it successfully, and they pay people to do such routs all over America,” said Malimon.

On the other hand, there are also people with whom you can discuss what is happening in Russian. Former US soldier Ksenia Voropaeva flew in from New York. “I found it all through the organization Veterans Against the War, which has been in action for almost 20 years. That is, it started after the troops entered Iraq. And the first soldiers returned and began to explain how bad all this was. And now we, the veteran movement We tell and try to stop the global war system, “said Voropaeva.

Xenia was not lucky in this war. “Captured” was one of the first. The three-hour police patience came to an end. In vain the Indians and the BLM activists who joined them unscrewed the wheels of the car and released the shaman. Spells on the police and the national guard did not work. Then fists were put into action.

The protesters have the same plastic shields in their hands as the national guards. There are masks on their faces. Collisions begin. Where the Indians, there are cowboys. Trump supporters from the border state of New Mexico rode into the tourist town of Keyston at the foot of Mount Rushmore. On the road through half the country did not go empty-handed.

The situation is heating up in a matter of seconds. Weapons are also on the second side of this roadside conflict. Michael Harris stood in a solitary picket because he did not like the idea with a salute. As a local resident, he worries about protected forests.