Trump mistakenly named Macron as French prime minister

US President Donald Trump “downgraded” his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron and accidentally named him prime minister. The head of the White House made a reservation at a rally in Michigan. The broadcast was conducted by American TV channels, writes TASS.

Donald Trump spoke about the Paris Climate Agreement and said that he was the one who managed to stop it.

“I really love Prime Minister Macron, but I once asked him how things are, how is the agreement? The agreement is not doing very well, ”Trump said, having made a mistake in specifying the position of the French president.

Earlier, Donald Trump mixed up the letters and “discovered” a new planet. He said the United States would be the first country to “send an astronaut to Nars.” The head of the White House, during a speech in Northern California in September, announced that the United States will have another achievement related to space.

The head of the White House was once the subject of jokes due to a cognitive test. In an interview with a correspondent for one of the American TV channels, Trump said that he passed the test, but he found it difficult.

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