Trump named the main condition of the deal on TikTok

US President Donald Trump said that the main condition of the TikTok deal should be the safety of American citizens, TASS reports.

“If the deal is reached, the agreement will be brought to me, and I will approve it or not. Safety is the dominant factor. The companies are moving forward in terms of the deal, let’s see what happens, ”the president said.

According to him, he will be satisfied with both the fact of the existence of a deal and the fact of its absence.

Trump previously approved Oracle’s purchase of TikTok and authorized Walmart to participate in the deal. The US Department of Commerce has postponed the planned ban on downloading the app until September 27 inclusive.

The United States administration accuses TikTok of the application being able to transfer data from Americans to the PRC authorities. In this regard, Trump in August signed the decrees “On Fighting the TikTok Threat” and “On Fighting the WeChat Threat”, where he gave a month to terminate any transactions with ByteDance in American jurisdictions.