Trump opened a “former president’s office” in Florida

Trump opened a "former president's office" in Florida

Former U.S. President Donald Trump opened an office in Florida. He will use this venue for future public statements.

News agencies, as well as the authoritative newspapers The Washington Post and The Hill refer to the statement of the “office.” The document lists Palm Beach, Florida, as its location.

“The office will be responsible for Trump’s correspondence, public appearances and speeches; public and advocacy activities to advance U.S. interests and the Trump administration’s agenda. President Trump will henceforth and forever be an advocate for the American people,” the document reads.

The media point out that the press release came from an email address that is not responding. The office’s official website, phone number or Twitter account was also not found.

Trump has not appeared in public since the last day of his presidency, Jan. 20. He flew from the White House by helicopter to his Florida estate. The House of Representatives previously sent a resolution to the Senate to impeach Trump. The process will begin on February 8.