Trump outraged by black attacks on whites

11 months ago

US President Donald Trump has been outraged by black attacks on whites. He posted several incidents on Twitter, commenting on them.

“See what happens here. And where are the protesters? Was this man arrested? ” – the American leader wondered under the video in which a black man beats a white man in a department store. He also shared on his page footage in which another black man strongly pushes a white woman towards the subway car. “How awful!” – accompanied the publication of trump.

The records of the head of state were criticized by users and journalists. So, the Boston publication noted that the first post was published in an account that regularly distributes anti-Muslim and anti-migrant content. According to unconfirmed reports, a white American used racist curses before an African American attacked him.

The second account is owned by a conservative blogger. The incident recorded on the video occurred in 2019, and the attacker was soon arrested.

“It’s very cool that the so-called“ least racist person in history ”is currently spending his evening posting videos of random black people attacking white people,” the user @justinbaragona was indignant. “Trump uses and reinforces random, abnormal cases of interracial violence, unnecessarily inciting racial tension at the time of polarization and social upheaval,” @ conor64 held it.

Earlier, Twitter posted a warning next to the president’s protest message that the tweet threatened violence. The record said that there would never be an “autonomous zone” of protesters in Washington. “If they try, they will be met with serious force!” Trump threatened.

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