Trump pledged to continue his fight to win the election

Trump pledged to continue his fight to win the election

The incumbent U.S. president spoke out in support of a new lawsuit after the Supreme Court rejected an attempt to overturn Pennsylvania voting results

President Donald Trump on Wednesday pledged to continue his fight to win the election as he tries to challenge his loss to President-elect Joe Biden on Nov. 3. Trump said he was still in no mood to give up after a new lawsuit was filed in the Supreme Court from the state of Texas, joined Wednesday by 17 other states seeking to invalidate election results in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The lawsuit filed by the Texas attorney general was also supported by the attorneys general of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and West Virginia.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court rejected a request from Pennsylvania Republicans to overturn election results in a state where Biden beat Trump by 81,000 votes. Thus, yesterday, the nation’s highest court issued its first opinion on Donald Trump’s attempts to challenge the election results. Earlier, the sitting president and his supporters had filed dozens of lawsuits in courts across the country.

Next Monday, December 14, the Electoral College is scheduled to meet to name the official winner of the presidential race. Judging by the results, the electors will have to confirm the victory of Biden, who secured 306 votes. Trump has 232 electoral votes. On Jan. 6, Congress will have to review and approve the Electoral College vote, and the inauguration of the new president will take place at noon on Capitol Hill on Jan. 20.

Trump said Wednesday that he would intervene in a new lawsuit filed yesterday with the Supreme Court by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton seeking to overturn Biden’s victory in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The demand is based on a set of previously filed lawsuits alleging voting and counting irregularities in several key “swing” states. Those lawsuits had previously been dismissed by courts at various levels for lack of the necessary evidentiary basis.

Reuters reported Wednesday that Texas’ lawsuit has already been supported by 17 other states.

Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday about the existence of “a wealth of evidence of massive fraud” in at least four of the states named in the Texas lawsuit. The president vowed to “save the country” soon, once again stating that the evidence his team obtained showed that Trump “couldn’t have lost” to Biden.

The Texas attorney general believes that election officials in the four states against whom the lawsuit was filed used the COVID-19 pandemic as an unconstitutional excuse to change voting rules to bypass their state legislatures. Paxton asked the Supreme Court to move the date of the Electoral College vote, as well as to bar electors from Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania from voting. Instead, the Texas attorney general asked the Supreme Court to allow those state legislatures to appoint other electors, presumably Trump supporters.

The Supreme Court gave the four states until Thursday to respond to Paxton’s lawsuit, but the attorneys general of the states listed in the lawsuit have already called the Texas lawsuit “misguided.”

“With all due respect, the Texas attorney general is constitutionally, legally and factually wrong about Georgia,” said Criss Carr, a spokeswoman for Georgia’s Republican attorney general.

Democratic Attorneys General Dana Nessel of Michigan, Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania and Josh Cole of Wisconsin called Paxton’s lawsuit an attempt to “mislead the public and damage our Constitution.”

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Ron Johnson, who represents Wisconsin, said he would convene a hearing next week before the Homeland Security Committee on election irregularities.

Meanwhile, another Republican senator, Lamar Alexander, who represents Tennessee, said that if the Electoral College confirms Biden’s victory on Monday, Trump should admit his loss.