Trump pledges good results after elections

US President Donald Trump has promised his supporters good results in the November 3 elections. He wrote about this on his Twitter page.

According to him, his team “has great progress.” In this case, the immediate results should appear next week. Trump also called for making America great again. “We will win!” He added.

Earlier it was reported that Trump had planned a 30-day legal war against the country’s presidential election results. The American leader’s team of lawyers is ready to file up to 10 lawsuits to prove “falsification of the vote count in the elections.”

Trump’s headquarters have already filed lawsuits in Arizona and Pennsylvania. The statements referred to irregularities in the counting of ballots submitted by mail. According to Trump, the principles of transparency were not respected in such a vote.

US Attorney General William Barr also ordered an investigation into allegations of election fraud. States must settle all procedures, including recounts and litigation over results, by December 8th. The members of the electoral colleague will take stock during the meeting on 14 December.

Democrat Joe Biden proclaimed himself elected President of the United States on November 7 – according to various estimates, he received from 273 to 290 electoral votes against the required 270. Trump responded by saying that his rival was in a hurry to call himself the new leader.

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