Trump pointed to brainwashing Biden

US President Donald Trump believes former US Vice President Joseph Biden is a brainwashed puppet. He expressed this opinion on the Fox News channel, TASS reports.

He expressed confidence that Biden was influenced by leftist radicals. “He has no idea what they are doing and what they are going to do,” Trump said.

According to him, Biden is influenced by politicians like the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, who left the Democratic election race on April 8. According to Trump, the former US vice president is not aware of what is really happening.

Trump also warned that Biden’s election victory in November would lead to a stock market crash. “They will cut funding for the police or abolish it altogether,” he concluded.

Earlier, the son of Donald Trump, entrepreneur Donald Trump Jr. also said that Biden is not able to rule the country and is under the complete control of the ultra-left wing of the party. In his view, the Democratic candidate is trying to capitalize on the ultra-left electorate. The president’s son believes that the politician is simply pretending to be “as if he were a man of the people.”