Trump praised the attractiveness of US presidential candidates for Russia

US President Donald Trump believes that the victory of his rival Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential elections is more attractive for Russia. Reported by Sputnik.

“Russia may want Biden to be elected. Nobody, except me, conducted such a policy towards Russia, nobody. This is a gas pipeline and strengthening of the armed forces, “Trump said. He noted that the United States has become the world’s largest country in terms of energy resources, having ceased to depend on imports.

The incumbent head of the White House also compared the policy towards Ukraine of the current administration and the times of the 44th US President Barack Obama. So, the latter “provided Kiev with pillows”, and Trump “gave them anti-tank weapons.”

Earlier, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden considered his opponent Trump “submissive” in relations with the Russian leadership. “We have seen reports that Russian forces attacked American soldiers in Syria, injuring our soldiers. Have you heard even a word from Trump? Did he even raise a finger? ” Biden wondered.