Trump predicted US annihilation if Biden won the election

US President Donald Trump predicted the country’s destruction if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the November 2020 election. The American leader wrote about this in his Twitter account.

“The radical left-wing democrats who completely control Biden will destroy our country as we know it. Unimaginably bad things will happen to America. Look at Portland, where politicians are not at all against the fact that they have had anarchy for 50 days <…> Look at New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, ”the head of state said.

Earlier in Portland, protesters against racial injustice and police violence desecrated and then knocked down a monument to the first president and one of the founders of the United States, George Washington. After the vandals managed to tumble down the monument, they fled.

Protests, accompanied by riots, were engulfed in dozens of US cities. The cause of the protests was the death in Minneapolis of black guard George Floyd, who died after a gross arrest. Speeches against police brutality are held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, New York, Indianapolis, Boston, Detroit and many other cities.