Trump promises “big lawsuits over the unconstitutionality of US elections”

The current US President Donald Trump said that in the near future he will file “big lawsuits about the unconstitutionality” of the presidential election. He once again declared about “terrible abuses”.

Trump wrote about this on his Twitter.

According to him, many lawsuits were filed not by representatives of his headquarters, but by those who “saw the abuse.”

“Many of the lawsuits that have been filed across the country were not filed by us, but by those who saw terrible abuses. Our big lawsuits showing the unconstitutionality of the 2020 elections and outrage at the actions that were taken to change the result will soon be filed,” wrote Trump.

Previously, the alleged chief of staff of the White House Ron Klein commented on the statements of the current US President Donald Trump that the elections were rigged. This choice was made by the American people, he said.

Recall that the current American President Donald Trump does not recognize the victory of his opponent Joe Biden in the US elections. In his opinion, Biden won only “in the eyes of the false media.”