Trump promises vaccine for US election day

US President Donald Trump says the coronavirus vaccine may be ready by Election Day. However, he does not provide any scientific justification for this.

When asked if the vaccine could be ready by November 3, Trump replied: “I think under some conditions – yes, maybe earlier, but around that time.” His statement contradicts the words of health experts, who argue that a working vaccine will not be available this year – it needs longer clinical trials to validate it.

“We have great companies, the greatest in the world. And the rest of the world is developing vaccines too, so let’s see how they do it. I am for those who have come up with them, “- said Trump.

Experts say it will take a few more months to develop, test and produce a vaccine for the population, and it will take a miracle of medicine for such a vaccine to arrive before the end of the year, let alone election day.