Trump published a post on the riots in the United States using a photo taken in Ukraine

Facebook is not going to respond in any way to this post.

A post on the subject of the unrest in the country was published on the Facebook page of US President Donald Trump. It features a collage depicting Trump as a symbol of order and chaos, with protesters beating law enforcement officials.

In fact, Trump’s campaign headquarters used a photo taken in Ukraine, according to the BBC. It was filmed six years ago during the events on Independence Square in Kyiv.

The first person to point out that the photo was “rigged” was a former Hillary Clinton staff member. He published a corresponding post on Twitter, which soon became widespread.

The source also reports that the collage to the US President was prepared by the Evangelists for Trump group. Roughly, more than 30 million people could view it – that is how many subscribers Trump’s page has.

Facebook said it would not remove Trump’s post. However, the administrators of the social network declined to comment on this.