Trump resents Republicans for inaction after election

Trump resents Republicans for inaction after election

U.S. President Donald Trump took offense at supporters in the Republican Party for inaction after the election. He wrote about it in his Twitter.

He stressed that he would never forget how a number of senators, including Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, “sat idly by.” In the politician’s opinion, they could have at least helped him challenge the election results. Trump also recalled that, on the contrary, he himself helped them and actually ensured their victory in the Senate election.

“I saved at least eight Republican senators from losing the last rigged (for the president) election. And they (virtually all of them) sit on the sidelines and watch me fight a cruel and deceitful enemy, the ultra-left Democrats. I’ll never forget it!”, – lamented the president.

Republicans, by contrast, have repeatedly stressed that they do not recognize Democrat Joe Biden as the country’s new leader. In the U.S. Congress, only 25 out of 249 of Trump’s fellow party members acknowledged Biden’s victory. At the same time, two said they believe Trump is the winner, while the remaining 222 did not give a clear answer.

On November 3, the U.S. held another presidential election. As a result, Biden received the electoral college votes necessary to win the presidential race. Trump does not acknowledge the results.