Trump responded to suspicions of having an incurable disease

US President Donald Trump responded to media suspicions that he has an incurable Parkinson’s disease. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

US media have suggested that the head of state has health problems following his speech at a graduation ceremony at a military academy in West Point, New York. Trump, holding up a glass of water, held it with his second hand, and then, going down the gentle ramp, he walked in constraint and almost held on to the military man accompanying him.

“I spent hours on stage. Clock! The sun. I returned home – I had a good tan. I made a speech, I saluted an hour or more, ”Trump said.

In addition, he explained that he was holding on to the military because he wore leather-soled shoes. “It was a steel ramp, without a railing, like a skating rink,” said the American president. He admitted that he could not have come down without help without falling to the “fifth point”. According to him, three meters before the end of the descent, he thanked the general and quickly went on himself, but the media cut it off.

He also explained that he supported a glass of water with his second hand, as he “saluted 600 times.” “And I don’t want to spill water on a tie,” he said.

Trump added that not a single media outlet noted that he delivered a good speech. “This is so dishonest. They are among the most dishonest people on Earth. Bad people, ”complained the US leader.

During his speech, Trump said that the US military no longer intends to rebuild other states and resolve other people’s conflicts. According to the American leader, the United States is returning to the fundamental principles according to which the soldier’s task is to defend and decisively protect his country from external enemies. He also noted that “a clear look at protecting America’s vital interests has returned to its place.”