Trump returned to the White House

The President of the United States left the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after three days of treatment for COVID-19. Arriving at the White House, he immediately took off his mask for photographing.

President Donald Trump left the Walter Reed National Medical Center in Maryland on Monday evening, October 5, after three days of treatment for COVID-19. The American leader boarded a US Marine One helicopter that flew the head of state to the White House.

After the car landed on the South Lawn, Trump climbed the steps and took off his mask for photographs, AP reported. “I feel good,” he told the crowd, after which – still without a mask – he walked into the building.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the US-American leader must adhere to the isolation regime for at least 10 days from the date of diagnosis. Officially, it became known about his infection in the early morning of October 2.

“Don’t Let Him Dominate”
Meanwhile, a spokesman for Trump’s campaign headquarters has already announced that he will take part in the next debate, scheduled for October 15. In a video posted on Twitter, the US president has already tried to mitigate the coronavirus threat. “Don’t let him dominate you. Don’t be afraid of him,” he said. Meanwhile, as reminded by the American media, 210,117 people, or every 1,560, have already died from the consequences of COVID-19 in the country.

In turn, Trump’s main rival in the election, Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden, after the head of state was discharged from the hospital, drew attention to the need to wear masks. “I hope that the president, going through what he went through, will teach the American people the right lesson: masks are important. They save lives,” Biden wrote on Twitter.

Trump could hide information about a positive test for coronavirus
The infection of the head of the White House and his wife Melania Trump became known early in the morning on October 2. The President of the United States continued to fulfill his duties. The White House assured that the head of state was placed in the Walter Reed Center for preventive purposes on the recommendation of doctors. The interlocutors of The Wall Street Journal claimed that Trump was aware of the positive result of his first rapid test for coronavirus on October 1, but only confirmed the diagnosis of his assistant Hope Hicks to reporters.

The United States accounts for a fifth of the world’s infections
Since the beginning of the pandemic, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been detected in 35.6 million inhabitants of the planet, and 1.04 million patients with COVID-19 have died, according to the international group of volunteers Worldometer. Most infections are in the United States (7.6 million), India (6.6 million) and Brazil (4.9 million). Many states are again stepping up measures to combat the spread of the disease. At the same time, medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies in many countries are working to create a vaccine against the new coronavirus.