Trump ridiculed Biden, claiming 120 million Americans died from COVID-19

10 months ago

US President Donald Trump for the second day reminds his rival in the upcoming presidential election, former Vice President Joe Biden, his reservation about 120 million Americans who died from coronavirus.

“If I said something so depressingly stupid, fake media would fall upon me with a vengeance. Why is no one reporting this now? ” – wrote the American leader on Twitter.

Biden spoke to supporters in Pennsylvania about the difficult situation with coronavirus in the United States, economic decline and unemployment, as well as the “120 million deaths” from COVID-19. The politician noticed his mistake and corrected himself, noting that he had in mind 120 thousand victims of the pandemic.

His oversight could not fail to notice Trump, who immediately posted a video with Biden on social networks and called him “depressingly stupid.” The next day, Trump reminded his opponent of a mistake and called him corrupt.

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