Trump ridiculed Biden on Twitter again

US President Donald Trump retweeted two mocking videos about his rival in the presidential race, former Vice President Joe Biden.

In the video, Biden is presented sleepy and weary.

In one video, a politician appears in a cap for sleeping, and his leisurely speech is accompanied by a lullaby. At the end of the comic video, Biden falls asleep right on the podium.

Another video notes that Trump’s 77-year-old rival is no longer able to be effective. Trump himself is now 74.

Trump regularly posts taunts about his opponent. On June 26, he criticized Biden for a reservation about 120 million deaths from coronavirus in the United States, calling the policy depressingly stupid.

Biden is currently considered Trump’s main rival in the presidential election in November 2020 and the most likely Democratic candidate.

According to recent surveys by Real Clear Politics, Biden is supported by about 8% more Americans than Trump.