Trump said he is not interested in negotiations with China on a trade deal

U.S. President Donald Trump said he has no interest in negotiations with Chinese representatives on a trade deal. This is reported by CBS.

He made a corresponding statement after asking whether the second phase of the trade transaction was dead.

The head of the White House noted that the reason for this is the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus COVID-19. According to him, China “hit an epidemic.”

“I’m not interested in negotiations with China right now,” Trump concluded.

The trade agreement is designed to ease tensions between the two powers after the trade war, which arose over Washington’s allegations that Beijing had manipulated its currency for decades and stole US trade secrets. The first phase of the transaction is to expand the US agricultural sector and restore balance in US-Chinese trade relations, ensure the security of US intellectual property, stop the forced transfer of technology, remove barriers to the US financial sector, end the “currency manipulation by China”, and effectively resolve bilateral disputes in trade.