Trump said the US “will build the world from a position of strength”

After the creation of super-powerful weapons, the United States will build the world “from a position of strength.” This was stated by American leader Donald Trump during a rally in Wisconsin.

The US President added that Washington has the “most powerful” military forces that China, North Korea and Russia are supposedly jealous of.

“There is no one who has something close to the weapon that we have. And we hope that we will never, never, God forbid, not have to use it. But we will establish peace from a position of strength. what is all this, “- said Trump.

Note that the Pentagon has repeatedly stated that the Russian Federation and China have gone far ahead in creating hypersonic weapons. Last year, US Defense Minister Mark Esper said that the US “will have to catch up” with Russia and China, for which it should double funding for the development of hypersonic weapons.