Trump says he wants to receive $ 5 billion from Oracle for the purchase of TikTok

US President Donald Trump, during a speech in North Carolina, announced his intention to receive $ 5 billion from Oracle Corporation due to expectations of the completion of the deal to sell the social network TikTok, reports Mediaite.

According to the American leader, these funds will go to an educational fund to educate people about the “real history” of the United States.

According to the head of the White House, Walmart is going to buy the Chinese application together with Oracle.

Earlier, Trump said that he approved the acquisition of the American segment of the social network TikTok by Oracle. As the President of the United States specified, the social network segment will not be related to China, the application will be based in the state of Texas and will retain its name.

In turn, the operator of the TikTok service in the United States expressed satisfaction that its agreements with the American companies Oracle and Walmart removed the grounds for Washington’s alarm.

It was reported that this deal will resolve the issue of the future future Chinese application in the States.