Trump scared Americans with “the biggest depression”

If Donald Trump is re-elected, the United States will quickly revive the economy. If Joe Biden is elected, America will face a major depression. This was stated by the incumbent head of the White House himself, reports Voice of America.

In his opinion, for the first time the choice between “two parties, two visions, two philosophies, two agendas of the future” is such a “clear choice”.

Trump believes that on November 3, the state of Nevada will determine whether Americans can soon return to “the record prosperity that was before.”

Sleepy Joe doesn’t know he’s alive. Do you know where Biden is now? He’s in his damn basement, ”the president said.

He added that Democrats during the coronavirus pandemic need mail-order voting to “rig and steal” election results.

“People have died, but they are receiving ballots. Probably everyone, except Republicans, will receive ballots, ”the American leader said.

Outraged by Trump and the behavior of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolack and other Democrats, who may have protests, but because of COVID-19, church visits are prohibited.

“If Biden comes, then we will have the biggest depression in the history of our country, because he will do everything wrong … If Biden wins, the rebels and anarchists will win. The arsonists, flag burners – they all will win, ”he stressed.

Trump said that during the COVID-19 pandemic he knew very well that the coronavirus could be fatal, but “did not want to spread panic.”