Trump secretly launched his own social network

The team of former U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday, July 1, without any publicity launched a new social network called Gettr.

The app is supposed to be an alternative to social networks owned by large tech companies.

The platform’s description states that its mission is “to fight the culture of cancellation, promote common sense, defend free speech, fight social networking monopolies, and create a real marketplace of ideas.”

Former Trump spokesman Jason Miller is leading the development of the social network.

According to a person familiar with the workings of the app, it is extremely similar to Twitter. The publication suggests that the new social network should become the very platform through which Trump will communicate online with supporters.

Recall that in March, Trump’s senior adviser Jason Miller said that the former U.S. president plans to create his own social network in two or three weeks to resume communication with his fellow citizens through it. Miller believed that the new platform “will be the trendiest thing on social media. It will completely change the world of social networking.” Read us at