Trump sends additional forces to crime-ridden US cities

US President Donald Trump has sent additional federal forces to the country’s crime-ridden cities. His words are reported by RIA Novosti.

Trump noted that in recent weeks, a movement to dissolve police departments and stop funding them has begun to gain momentum. He was also supported by some “politicians of extreme views,” he stressed. As a result, murders, gunshot wounds and other violence have skyrocketed in some American cities.

The American leader explained his decision to increase federal forces by the fact that the authorities have no other choice. “This bloodshed must end and it will end,” he concluded.

The protests, which are accompanied by riots, were covered by dozens of US cities. The reason for the protests was the death in Minneapolis of a black security guard George Floyd, who died after a brutal arrest. Riots against police brutality take place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, New York, Indianapolis, Boston, Detroit and many other cities.