Trump shared a video on social networks in which his supporter shouts: “Power is white”

On Sunday, June 28, US President Donald Trump retweeted a video in which one of his supporters rides a golf cart, shaking his fist at the protesters and shouting “White Power.” The post was soon removed – but managed to attract public attention.

“Thanks to the wonderful resident of The Villages!” Trump tweeted, “The left-wing Democrats are not doing anything useful and will fail in the fall.” Corrupt Joe Biden Ends. See you soon!”

In a two-minute video, rally participants in support of Trump – mostly older white people – ride on their golf carts past protesters shouting insults at the president. A woman in a Black Lives Matter T-shirt calls them “Nazis,” and another demonstrator asks, “where are their white hoods.”

In response to this, an unknown man raises his fist and shouts: “Power is white! White power! ” In an official statement, Trump representatives said the president retweeted the record because he “did not hear” the phrase. “President Trump is a big fan of The Villages. Judd Deere, deputy spokeswoman for the White House, wrote. “He didn’t hear the words of his supporters and only drew attention to their great enthusiasm.”