Trump showed his design for the president’s plane

U.S. President Donald Trump spoke about the new design for his aircraft – “Air Force One”. He showed the images to ABCNews journalists during the interview.
The U.S. leader presented four variants of the new aircraft coloring, which, according to him, he invented himself. Instead of the usual white and blue colors on the fuselage, Trump’s offer includes white, red and dark blue. In general, all the four options shown by the head of state are similar: white top, red stripe and blue bottom. They differ only in some details, such as the coloring of engines.
Trump pointed out that this is still the same Boeing-747 he is flying now, but with a number of improvements. In particular, the president noted that he has “more wingspan.
Trump’s desire to make presidential planes “more American” became known a year ago.
The U.S. Air Force signed a contract with the Boeing Corporation to replace two presidential planes in July 2018. Its amount amounted to 3.9 billion dollars. The contract implies development, improvement, certification, testing and delivery of new presidential aircrafts by 2024.
“Flight One” is the call sign of the aircraft the American president is in. Currently, the U.S. president is flying on two specially equipped Boeing 747-200B aircraft with military designation VC-25.