Trump signed a decree on police reform

After several weeks of massive protests against racism and police aggression, US President Donald Trump issued a decree on law enforcement reform.

On Tuesday, June 16, US President Donald Trump signed a decree on police reform, which aims to “encourage law enforcement to introduce the best practices to protect the community they serve.”

The decree stipulates that Attorney General William Barr will only provide grant funds to law enforcement agencies that meet high standards, “including with regard to the use of force and de-escalation, with the confirmation of reputable independent bodies.”

Before signing the decree, the American leader outlined what is meant by “high standards,” according to Agence France-Presse.

“As part of this new certification process, asphyxiation will be prohibited, unless the officer’s life is at risk.” In addition, we are considering a new advanced and powerful, less deadly weapon that will help prevent deaths, ”explained Donald Trump.

The decree also provides for the introduction of a nationwide database of police misconduct related to excessive use of force.

In addition, in accordance with the decree, the Trump administration intends to focus on conducting training programs for police and social services on dealing with incidents with the mentally ill, dependent and homeless people. The order also says that regarding cases of illegal actions by the police against representatives of African-American communities, law enforcement officers need to “redouble their efforts to investigate quickly.”

Recall that the authorities of the American city of Minneapolis, in which the death of an African American George Floyd during his detention by the police, made conclusions from this tragic incident – and decided to disband the local police unit.