Trump spoke about his health after being discharged from the hospital

US President Donald Trump spoke about his health after being discharged from the hospital. The video message from the American leader was posted on his Twitter account.

“I know there is risk, there is danger, but that’s okay. I’m better. Maybe I’m immune. Don’t let it (the virus) dominate your life, go outside, be careful, ”he said. Trump added that the United States has “the best drugs in the world,” and also promised a vaccine would be available soon.

Earlier it was reported that Trump left the Walter Reed military hospital, where he was treated for three days after being infected with the coronavirus. The American leader, wearing a medical mask, left the building of the medical facility. He waved his hand to the journalists, said, “Thank you very much,” and raised his thumb. Then Trump got into the jeep, drove to the helicopter and flew away.

Trump’s infection with the coronavirus became known on the morning of October 2. His wife Melania Trump also tested positive for coronavirus. Sean Conley, the President’s attending physician, stressed that Trump and the first lady are doing well and plan to stay at the residence for the duration of their recovery. Trump said he did not intend to transfer his powers to US Vice President Mike Pence.