Trump team members decided to help Biden with the transfer of power

A number of former and current members of the team of US President Donald Trump decided to help Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who is considered the new elected head of state, with the transfer of power.

Trump administration officials have begun reaching out to Biden’s transition team to help members understand the challenges they might face in making public affairs. It is noted that employees of the incumbent’s administration consider such a step as fulfilling their duty to the country.

Earlier, the head of the US Department of Health Alex Azar refused to work with Joe Biden and his team until the final election results. As Azar explained, cooperation will be possible only after Biden’s victory is recognized by the US General Services Administration (GSA).

On November 7, Democratic candidate Joe Biden won 290 with the required 270 electoral votes. Having secured his victory, he proclaimed himself the president-elect of the United States. Trump, in turn, said that the elections are not officially over yet, and the results will be appealed in court. He believes that Biden was quick to name himself the country’s new leader.

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