11 months ago

Trump: the United States will leave WHO if the country’s requirements are not met within 30 days

11 months ago

The United States gives the World Health Organization 30 days to ensure that the reforms in its structure and governance that Washington is seeking are implemented. Otherwise, the country will cease financing the organization and revise its membership in it, wrote US President Donald Trump in a letter to WHO Director Tedros Adan Hebreyesus, which he posted on his Twitter account.

“If WHO does not guarantee major major improvements for 30 days, I will temporarily freeze WHO funding for the United States and review our membership,” Trump wrote.

He also added that he could not allow “American taxpayers” to continue to fund an organization that “does not serve America’s interests.”

Trump noted that “necessary reforms” will be identified during joint consultations between WHO and its administration.

According to him, so that the United States does not leave the organization, “it needs to act quickly.”

Earlier, Donald Trump said that the United States spends almost $ 500 million a year on WHO funding, while the PRC only $ 38 million. According to Trump, the organization turned into a “Chinese puppet” and did not record violations committed by the PRC authorities in the beginning of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Also, according to the American leader, WHO “repeatedly made statements about coronavirus that were extremely inaccurate or misleading.”

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