Trump thought about the need to leave the United States after the elections

US President Donald Trump jokingly suggested during his Georgia campaign meeting that he might have to leave the United States if he lost to Democratic candidate Joseph Biden in November.

Trump in his speech once again drew attention to the fact that the Democratic candidate in the context of the new coronavirus pandemic uses a protective mask even when there is no one next to him, reports TASS.

“But I shouldn’t joke about it. Do you know why? Campaigning against the worst candidate in the history of presidential elections is putting pressure on me, ”the American leader said on Fox News.

“Imagine if I lose,” Trump said to his supporters. – What will i do? I have to admit that I lost to the worst candidate in political history. There will be nothing to be proud of, I may even have to leave the country, I don’t even know. “

Recall, according to the final calculations of the research service Nielsen, Trump in the course of parallel appearances on TV has reduced the gap in ratings from Biden.

Recall, according to preliminary data from Nielsen, Biden’s speech on ABC was watched by 12.7 million people, while Trump on NBC – 10.4 million. This figure does not include MSNBC, which also broadcast Trump’s speech.

Earlier, data from a poll by CNBC and the sociological company Change Research showed that Biden’s chances of winning after the first debate with Trump have grown.

The American media called the first debate between the current US presidential candidates the dirtiest in history. At the same time, Trump said that he liked the first debate with Biden. The US general election will be held on November 3.