Trump threatened to dissolve the US Congress

Trump threatened to dissolve the US Congress

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to suspend Congress. This power of the head of state is included in the American constitution, but not a single president in American history has ever exercised this right.

Trump justified the possible suspension of the Capitol by the fact that lawmakers have not made any efforts for months to vote on candidates he has proposed for federal judges and other government posts, Reuters notes. In the event of the dissolution of the Congress, Trump will receive the right to appoint senior representatives of the American administration and judges without the approval of the Senate. At the moment, 129 candidates for work in key government structures and federal courts are awaiting congressional approval. In particular, more than half of the key posts in the US Department of Security have not been filled.

“Since the entire US government is working to combat the global pandemic, it is absolutely essential that key posts in the relevant federal agencies be fully staffed,” Trump said. still can’t get their approval. ” The US president also expressed indignation that some congressmen refuse to participate in video conferences, according to him, “hiding behind a pandemic.” “This is a scam that they are doing. We are likely to challenge this case in court and see who wins,” the head of the White House concluded.

The Senate and House of Representatives announced plans to return to Washington on May 4. Even before the coronavirus crisis, congressmen were expected to leave the capital in April for two weeks on their annual Easter holidays to their home states. At the same time, Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate, discussed candidates with Trump on Wednesday and promised to find ways to approve those who are considered “critically important” during the pandemic. “However, according to Senate rules, this will require the consent of Democratic leader Chuck Schumer,” said McConella’s spokesman.

Republicans have a 53–47 vote in the US Senate, giving them the right to approve candidates without any Democratic support. According to analysts, they have the opportunity to slow down the process of approving candidates. Democrats are doing everything possible to prevent many judicial appointments due to concerns about the bias or low qualifications of judges. They are in the United States for life. Many of Trump’s candidate judges have been called “unskilled” by the American Bar Association. For example, Matthew Petersen, proposed by the president to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, was criticized after a video leak from the hearing of her candidacy in the Congressional Judicial Committee appeared on the Internet. During the meeting, Petersen was unable to explain the essence of some key legal terms. The head of the White House then explained that the assistants and advisers were proposing him the judges.