Trump threatens black protesters with jail for riots and damage to property

Criminal prosecution and jail time for protesters. It doesn’t look like a pre-election promise, but this is exactly what Donald Trump made. The President of the United States has promised to send anyone who damages federal property to jail.

If you do not want it in a good way, it will be in a bad way. US President Donald Trump promised 10 years in prison to the protesters if they continue to attack federal property. Basically, we are talking about courthouses and capitols, which have been attacked from the very beginning of the rallies. The day before, they set fire to the courthouse in Oakland, and painted the walls in Portland.

“Anarchists, instigators and protesters who disfigure and damage the federal courthouse in Portland or any other government building in all our cities and states will be prosecuted under the recently re-enacted Monument Protection Order. A minimum of 10 years in prison. Don’t do that! ” – US President Donald Trump addressed the protesters.

The arrests, however, have already begun. In Richmond, about 20 people were detained during the latest protest. True, first of all – for the damage to private property. In addition, rioters are accused of attacking police officers. Moreover, the responsibility for the pogroms is being blamed on the Antifa movement, which Trump had previously promised to include in the list of terrorist organizations.

Activists found how to respond – they filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration in the District Court of Columbia. Accusations of police and military brutality against peaceful protesters. In Chicago, meanwhile, they decided to minimize confrontation between law enforcement officers and protesters and created a group of 300 officers to interact with black communities in the most dangerous areas of the city.

‚ÄúThis is a first-of-its-kind approach designed to enable officers to get to know the people and places in each of the unique neighborhoods they serve. The group will work with community leaders, faith-based organizations to take part in peaceful marches. “- says the head of police of Chicago David Brown.

However, clashes in the United States have already gone beyond protests. Since the beginning of the rallies, the Network has been literally flooded with footage of aggressive behavior of blacks, especially towards whites or their property. At the same time, African Americans are hiding behind the same slogan – Black Lives Matter. Another video from Memphis, where African Americans destroyed the box office of the family minigolf club. The aggression, however, was not caused by racism on the part of the staff, but by the refusal to return the money for the tickets after the attackers spent 2 hours in the park.