Trump threatens China over coronavirus pandemic

The United States plans to take action against China due to the coronavirus situation. This was stated by US President Donald Trump at a pre-election meeting with supporters in the White House, TASS reports, citing the Sinclair television group.

In particular, during the discussion, Trump was asked what he would do with China.

“We will do a lot with China. What they did to us is a shame. We will do a lot with regard to China. What they did to this country, to this world. You are wearing a mask because of China, ”the US President said. Meanwhile, he did not specify exactly what steps would be taken.

It is worth noting that Trump had previously stated that China is allegedly responsible for the coronavirus pandemic. Washington accused Beijing of withholding information about the infection. Earlier it was reported that Donald Trump was found to have an undeclared account in a Chinese bank. Moreover, according to Western media reports, Trump has been trying to conduct major business deals in China for more than a decade.

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