Trump travels the US with his wife double

US President Donald Trump travels the country, allegedly with his wife Melania’s double.

Netizens carefully examined the picture of Melania taken last week, and noticed that she somehow smiles unusually. Later, they compared facial expressions in other photos of her and stated that her double was in the helicopter with Trump, and not her husband.

Hundreds of citizens began to publish collages on their pages on social networks, which show that Melania usually smiles so that part of her teeth are hidden by her upper lip, and in the helicopter she expressed emotions more strongly. Also, many were embarrassed by the fact that the president’s wife did not take off her large sunglasses. In addition, she had different brow ridges.

Note that there were also those who laughed at such a theory. They reminded us that we are not all robots and we can look a little different every day than yesterday.

In the past year, similar accusations have already appeared in the media, and Trump himself has responded to them. According to the politician, the journalists deliberately changed the photographs of his wife, and then spread strange rumors. He assured that Melania does not have a double and never will.

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