Trump unveiled election victory strategy

U.S. President Donald Trump has unveiled a strategy for winning the presidential election in 2020. He spoke about this at a press conference.

According to the American leader, he will bypass his main opponent, a candidate from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, thanks to the “silent majority.” The owner of the White House added that among his supporters there is “more enthusiasm than in the 2016 elections.”

Trump cited “excellent polls” as an example, noting that this is not about the case studies published by the media that criticize him. “In 2016, it was the same. All polls [in the media] turned out to be incorrect. In only three cases, the polls were correct, ”said the president.

The head of state added that for the first time in history, “so different candidates from each other” will be presented. He then criticized Biden’s election program. In particular, he reviewed his plans in the field of immigration and in the field of energy.

Earlier, the consulting company Redfield & Wilton Strategies has calculated the proportion of US citizens who are ready to vote in the presidential election for the current president. 39 percent of Americans are ready to vote for him. The leader of American sympathies in the election race remains Biden (48 percent). For rapper Kanye West would like to vote two percent of voters.