Trump visits Texas town of Alamo near Mexican border

Trump visits Texas town of Alamo near Mexican border

President seeks to highlight his administration’s efforts to combat illegal immigration

U.S. President Donald Trump is visiting the city of Alamo, Texas, near the border with Mexico, on Tuesday. During the visit, he is expected to highlight his administration’s efforts to combat illegal immigration.

This is the president’s first public appearance since last Wednesday, when he addressed a crowd of his supporters, saying the presidential election results were rigged and urging them to “fight,” after which demonstrators invaded the Capitol building.

Before heading to Texas, Trump told reporters that moves to impeach him were causing him great anger, adding along with the fact that he “doesn’t want violence.”

Asked if he was responsible for the attack on the Capitol, Trump said his words that day were “absolutely appropriate.”

Meanwhile, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives on Tuesday continues efforts to remove the president from office.

Immigration was a major focus of Trump’s 2016 election campaign, when he frequently called for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

By the end of his presidential term, some 700 kilometers of wall had been built, but most of the construction only replaced pre-existing barriers.

On the eve of Trump’s visit to Texas, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolfe abruptly resigned.

Ahead of Trump’s trip, the Southern Poverty Law Center advocacy organization called for the visit to be canceled, saying it would “only compound the damage and lead to further violence.”

“Border communities have resisted the sanctimonious plans of this administration for years. It is these communities, from San Diego to Brownsville, that have been the victims of unthinkable violence caused by the president’s anti-immigrant rhetoric and xenophobic policies,” Efren Olivares, SPLC deputy director of legal affairs, said in a statement.