“Trump was for the pro-Russian president in Kiev.” What John Bolton writes about Ukraine in his memoirs

11 months ago

In the United States, the sensational memoirs of ex-national security adviser John Bolton’s “The Room Where Everything Happened: Memoirs from the White House”, which have already been included in Amazon’s bestseller list, are released.

This is the same “hawk” Bolton, nicknamed “Rabid Mustache,” who announced Trump’s instructions to arrange a meeting between Zelensky and Giuliani back in May 2019, said that Trump had suspended military assistance to Ukraine because of the Biden affair and was ready to testify in the Senate about the impeachment of Trump, but then refused – because he saved all the revelations for his memoirs.

Trump himself wanted to stop circulation sales and called the 500-page book “a collection of lies.”

The American press writes that, in general, memoirs are unlikely to have become a big exposure – many facts about Trump were known before that. “The book is shocking but not surprising,” USA Today writes. But part of the supporters, the publication predicts, may turn its back on Trump, who is described in the book as an ignoramus, unable to rule the country. Only one stroke – allegedly Trump asked the former head of the White House administration John Kelly whether Finland is part of Russia.

The memoirs mention Ukraine and Trump’s scandalous telephone conversation with Zelensky on July 25 last year, in which Bolton was present. And because of which the US president was unsuccessfully tried to impeach, accusing him of pressure on Ze to open a case against his opponent Biden in exchange for military assistance.

By the way, Bolton was fired in September last year, at the dawn of the Ukrainian scandal, immediately after the adviser’s visit to Kiev, where he urged not to sell Motor Sich to the Chinese and prepared See for a meeting with Trump on September 1 in Warsaw (which never happened – the president The United States referred to the fight against the aftermath of the hurricane in America).

Bolton took a tough stance on foreign policy issues, including that he advocated strengthening sanctions against Russia.

Actually, one of the reasons for removing Bolton, according to experts, was precisely the disagreement over Russia, with which Trump wants to negotiate and return to the G8, against which his adviser was categorically against.

They did not get along in Ukraine. Bolton promised the Ze to expedite the delivery of military assistance to Ukraine, while Trump himself advocated its suspension.

The “Country” has read memoirs and retells that “Mad Mustache” wrote about Ukraine.

“I do not want to have anything to do with Ukraine”
I agree with Bolton’s memoirs, Trump is strongly offended by Ukraine because the former authorities planted a pig for him in the last election – openly supporting his opponent Hillary Clinton and twisting his hands to suck the case against the head of his campaign headquarters Paul Manafort. For which he was eventually imprisoned, and Trump himself was accused of conspiring with the Russians, but could not prove anything.

Trump believes Ukraine is corrupt and does not burn to meet Zelensky, in any case, until he helps him in the fight against democrats.

He directly stated this, not stinting on obscene language, at a meeting in the White House on May 23 last year to his employees, members of the delegation who had just returned from Zelensky’s inauguration (among them were then Minister of Energy Perry and Special Representative for Ukraine Walker).

Bolton quotes Trump from his deputy Kupperman, who was also present at the meeting.

“I don’t want, your mother, to have anything to do with Ukraine,” Trump said, according to Kupperman. “They b .. attacked me. I can’t understand why. Ask Joe Di Genova (a former Attorney in the District of Columbia for The United States, and now a lawyer who works with Trump’s personal lawyer Giuliani and businessman Dmitry Firtash – Ed.), He knows all about this. They tried to fuck me. They are corrupt. I, your mother, are not with them. ” All this, he said, is connected with the Clinton campaign, with the support of Hunter Biden, trying to harm Trump in 2016 and 2020.

Walker tried to intervene in order to say something good about Ukraine, and Trump replied: “I don’t…”

Perry said that we cannot allow Ukraine to become a failed state (in the original – failed state, – Ed.), And Trump said: “Talk with Rudy and Joe.”

“Give me 90 days,” Perry tried again to intervene, but Trump interrupted him again, saying: “Ukraine tried to demolish me. I’m not interested in helping them.” And immediately relented, saying that Zelensky could visit him in the White House, but only if he was given what Trump was asking him to do.

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