Trump was going to sell part of the US due to the hurricane – media

U.S. President Donald Trump proposed selling Puerto Rico after the devastating hurricane that happened in 2017. About this edition of The New York Times told the former and. about. Minister of Homeland Security Elaine Duke.

“The initial ideas of the president were rather the ideas of a businessman. “Can we transfer electricity to an outside contract? Can we sell the island? How to get rid of this asset? ” – quoted the questions of the American leader Duke. She clarified that no one seriously reacted to these “attacks” and later the issue of selling Puerto Rico did not arise.

The official also stated that she often experienced discomfort and even shock from working with Trump. Elaine Duke worked with the president for about 14 months.

The powerful hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in the fall of 2017. Killed more than 60 people, destroyed hundreds of buildings.

Puerto Rico is a free state in the Caribbean, but dependent on the United States. The country has its own constitution and power. Link with America is common citizenship, currency, and defense.