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Trump was required to explain the sending of ventilators to Russia

Trump was required to explain the sending of ventilators to Russia

Democrats in the US House of Representatives demanded that President Donald Trump explain the dispatch of mechanical ventilation devices to Russia. This writes The Hill.

Committee chairpersons expressed concern that the States had sent ventilators to Russia while the United States was still in a critical phase of responding to the coronavirus pandemic. In their view, the American leader used taxpayer money to gain political points.

Congressmen said they were not opposed to sending medical supplies to really needy countries, but not when “critical, life-saving devices were urgently needed in the States themselves.”

By June 4, the president was required to provide Congress with information on the supply of medical equipment to other countries, as well as disclose the source of funding for these supplies.

The first batch of 50 mechanical ventilation devices arrived in the Russian capital on May 21 in a US Air Force transport plane. A second flight with 150 mechanical ventilation devices is expected to arrive in Russia next week. All cargo is delivered at no cost and will be transferred to the Pirogov National Medical and Surgical Center in Moscow. The cost of delivery is estimated at $ 5.6 million.

In early April, humanitarian aid was sent from Russia to the United States, which was fully paid by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). “According to the final agreements, the fund fully paid for the supply of Russian cargo to the United States, and the American side paid for the delivery of the return American cargo to the Russian Federation,” the RDIF said.

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