Trump will suspend the issuance of several categories of work visas

10 months ago

Trump will suspend the issuance of several categories of work visas
US President Donald Trump intends to suspend the issuance of a number of categories of work visas and extend restrictions on green cards, reports TASS.

The US presidential administration announced that the new decree will suspend access to work visas H1-B, H-4 and H-2B, L and most J visas until the end of the year, and the issuance of new green cards will also stop for this period.

To work in the United States, highly qualified specialists with in-depth knowledge in their field are required to obtain an H1B visa. H-4 visas are issued to their immediate family. H-2 visas allow temporary work in agriculture, construction, forestry and other industries. Category L visas are issued to employees who are temporarily transferred to a company division in the United States. Category J visas are intended for participants in exchange programs.

According to the representative of the administration, the decision of the American president “potentially affects tens of thousands of people seeking to work in the United States.” He noted that the new decree will not affect workers who are already in the United States.

H1-B program will be restructured. Priority when considering an application for a visa will be given to potential immigrants to whom American companies are ready to offer the highest possible salaries

An administration spokesman said Trump’s decision was linked to U.S. unemployment rising to 13.3% due to restrictions on the fight against coronavirus. In his opinion, the decree will create up to 525 thousand new jobs for Americans.

On April 22, Donald Trump signed a decree banning immigration to the country for 60 days. An exception was made only for medical professionals.

“By suspending immigration, we will help unemployed Americans be the first in line for jobs when the US economy reopens. It is very important. It would be wrong and unfair if the Americans who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus were replaced by new people who came from abroad, ”Trump said.

It was noted that the ban on obtaining green cards could be extended.

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