Trump’s Dream: Mexico fencing off the US

On the border with the United States, Mexicans block the road to prevent American tourists from entering their country. The spontaneous action is caused by the difficult situation with COVID-19 in the United States. The precedent unexpectedly plays in favor of Donald Trump: while the US president is trying to close the border with a wall, Mexico itself has begun to shut itself off.

Residents of the Mexican city of Sonoit, located on the American border, tried to block the main road to prevent US citizens from entering Mexico. This is mainly about American tourists, as the path to the popular resort city of Puerto Penasco passes through Sonoita.

The main reason for the peculiar protest rally was the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and Independence Day (July 4), an important holiday for US residents. Against the background of the epidemic, local authorities urged Americans not to visit Mexico, but the call did not work out completely. In addition, they did not begin to close the border, only asking them to travel only for good reason.

The residents of Sonoita did not like such an attitude of the authorities towards border protection, given that in the USA there is again a surge in the number of infected people – the total number of detected cases is close to 2.9 million people, and the number of deaths exceeded 130 thousand.

At the same time, in the state of Arizona, on the border with which there is a Mexican city, there are already almost 100 thousand cases, which is a little more than a third of the number of infected in all of Mexico. The blocking of the road to local residents was only partially successful, and soon the flow of cars from the USA was restored. However, the Mexicans do not despair and promise to continue such actions, in particular, a new attempt to “close the border” occurred on July 6.

However, it is unlikely that their plan can be implemented without the support of the Mexican authorities.