Trump’s headquarters spent over $9 million on election lawsuits

Trump's headquarters spent over $9 million on election lawsuits

The electoral headquarters of current U.S. President Donald Trump has spent $8.8 million on trials in connection with the election, The Washington Post reports.

Trump’s largest spending was on the vote recount in Wisconsin, for which Trump had to pay three million dollars. Not only did the recount not bring Trump any success, it also widened the gap between him and Biden.

Another big part of the expenses was the various legal advice on the recount. The Republican headquarters spent $2.3 million on them. The rest of the money was spent on political consultations, advertising and polls.

Presidential elections in the USA were held on November 3. The U.S. media announced the victory of Joe Biden, but it is up to the electorate to approve his victory. Acting President Trump does not admit defeat in the election, declares massive fraud and tries to challenge the election result in court.