Trump’s horror and the day that the Indians were waiting for

Does the word Cherokee say anything to you? Sounds familiar? And there is. And this is not just a jeep brand. Cherokee is the name of an Indian tribe. Oklahoma State was again solely Native American by a decision of the US Supreme Court. The background of this story is long and complex. But now everything is changing rapidly.

For 5 hours a day, Edward Whiteles spends on a job that no one asked for. It is his choice to collect old computers from friends and acquaintances, give them a second life, so that quarantined students can study online.

“A lot of students don’t have computers. A smartphone helps out, but it can be one for a family with 3-4 children. They simply can’t work normally because the applications are configured for computers and not for phones, it’s inconvenient to study them “, – said history teacher Romy Pickman.

Miss Pickman brings three updated laptops to his students. What to teach, clearly, with what to teach now, is not easy. Protests for racial equality change centuries-old foundations. Oklahoma Indians only now (after 200 years) officially received land. In the 19th century, their ancestors were deceived and forcefully driven from their homes along the “road of tears.” Tribes were evicted deep into the mainland. And even then they promised a reservation on the lands of modern Oklahoma, but only now the Supreme Court forced the government to keep its word.

“Today is a great day for the Indians! The Cherokee are very pleased that we have a solution to this matter. It recognizes that the reservations of the great nation have never been reduced, and our own governments have been canceled,” said Cherokee tribal leader Chuck Hoskin.

In the wake of the protests, the tribes get what they fought for a long time. An oil pipeline will not pass through their sacred lands in North Dakota. In the capital, finally, a football club with the name “Redskins” offensive to the Indians will be renamed.

The stadium owners have already delivered an ultimatum to the team: either they change the name, or the racist emblems and inscriptions will be removed from the facade. But this is half the trouble. Advertising contracts with the club are being reviewed by companies such as Nike, Pepsi, Amazon. “Redskins” need to get out of their way to save hundreds of millions of dollars.

The owner said 7 years ago that the name will never change, but now they are pressing so hard that the club confirmed: the renaming will be and the logo will also be replaced. However, because of the coronavirus, it is not clear when the stadiums will be full again. In the country, every day, a new anti-record is more than 70 thousand cases per day. And how to open schools in such a situation?

Trump insists: the school year should begin on time. Parents do not have to look after the children, they will go to work to restore the economy for the elections.

“Virtual learning turned out to be terrible compared to learning at school. They can’t be compared at all! Schools should be open in the fall. If they don’t open, then why will the federal government give funding? It will not give it,” said Donald Trump.

The country remembers how distantly halving this academic year remotely ended in half. According to statistics, a quarter of American schoolchildren do not have computers, which means that there is no way to study online. And the feasible contribution of an engineer from Maryland on the equipment statistics, of course, will not greatly affect.

“These are children. When you do something good for them, for society, you can just say to yourself: I was part of their success. Not getting anything for myself, I just help them to be more successful,” Edward Whiteles admitted.

They thank him with priceless postcards, on which “Thank you!” from first graders to graduates. Schoolchildren will have something to learn, but the difficult lesson is now with Americans of all ages. The epidemic, protests, elections have affected everyone and have already affected many areas of US life.