Trump’s immigration ban will help Canada gain valuable professionals

12 months ago

The expedited visa program, launched in Canada in 2017, attracted a large number of technical specialists. The latest immigration ban by US President Donald Trump will contribute to the “flow” of valuable personnel not in the United States, as is usually the case, but in Canada.

In the first three years of the Global Skills Strategy (GSS) program, which attracts specialists to Canada, the number of migrants has grown five-fold. More than 23 thousand employees got jobs in five priority professions. From January to March 2020, more than 2,300 applications were approved.

Immigration lawyers note that the recruitment program is transparent and consistent. Together with Trump’s anti-immigration policy, this allows Canada to attract the best specialists.

On Monday, Trump issued an order that temporarily prohibits foreign workers from entering the United States on certain visas. According to a spokesman for the Trump administration, this will create 525,000 jobs for Americans.

“There are employers who have non-US employees in the US and they are seriously considering Canada,” said Kyle Hindman, partner at McCrea Immigration Law.

“The fact that people started contacting me the very next day (after Trump’s order) suggests that there will be more people interested in this (immigration to Canada),” Hindman commented.

Many US technology companies have expanded their operations in Canada in recent years, Reuters notes.

Earlier, American giants Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla criticized Donald Trump’s immigration order.

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