Trump’s latest fight: his supporters took to the streets to protest

Trump's latest fight: his supporters took to the streets to protest

In America, the hour of X is coming. On January 6, the U.S. Congress will vote to approve the results of the presidential election and the victory of Democrat Joe Biden. However, Donald Trump is not giving up. He has announced that he will put up a hell of a fight for the presidency. His supporters took to the streets to protest.

This is no time to heal wounds. Incumbent President Donald Trump is hanging on to his seat until last. He announced the start of protests. The main rally is scheduled to take place on January 6, the day the election results are to be finally approved. Trump supporters have already taken to the streets.

Crowds of people with flags and placards. Protesters shouting that the election results are rigged. Demanding they give the victory to Trump.

“Democrats are lining their pockets with our money. They’re not trying to take care of Americans, and Donald Trump has done more for America than any president since the beginning,” said rally participant Tiffany Clark.

The situation began to heat up after supporters of Democrat Biden appeared on the horizon. The protesters provoked each other for hours, and then fists were used. The police failed to prevent the chaos. There were mass arrests all over Washington.

Trump himself came to one of the rallies. As always, he waved his arms and talked a lot. He promised not to give the White House to head of state-elect Joe Biden. He assured me that he would put up a hell of a fight for the presidency.

“You can lose and say, ‘Well, okay, I lost. I’ll try again another time. Or maybe I won’t try, maybe I’ll just go back to my regular life.” But when you win by a huge margin and they take the win away from you and rig the results, it’s unacceptable. If the Democrats take the Senate and the White House, we will fight them as hard as we can. Fight like hell,” Trump said.

But according to experts, Trump has almost no chance of staying in power. The politician’s attempts to challenge the election results in the courts have ended in failure. So did his appeals to the electoral college not to confirm Biden as the winner of the presidential race. But Trump is not giving up.

Even the night before the big day, he’s flooding Twitter with messages about the possibility of changing the outcome of the election. However, the social network does not support the president. Almost every post produces a message with the remark, “This claim of election fraud is disputed.”

Before he leaves, Trump seems to be trying to slam the door loudly. Finally, he signs executive order after executive order. One of them is a memorandum that bans members of the ultra-leftist Antifa movement from entering America. Earlier, the leader of the state declared it a local terrorist organization in the United States. However, experts say, if Biden takes over the presidency, he can overturn most of Trump’s decisions.

Trump supporters are trying with all their might to prevent this. They come to the U.S. capital from all states to take part in the main rally in support of the incumbent president.

In Washington, police are preparing to repel an attack by protesters, and residents are boarding up the windows of their homes and stores.