Trump’s lawyer explained his words about the fight with a “Game of Thrones” reference

Trump's lawyer explained his words about the fight with a "Game of Thrones" reference

U.S. President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani made a “Game of Thrones” reference, assuring The Hill reporter Brett Samuels that he did not call for pogroms and violence from the head of state’s supporters. The reporter posted an excerpt from the interview on his Twitter account.

Giuliani recalled Game of Thrones as “a documentary series about fictional medieval England.” He cited the moment when the dwarf character Tyrion Lannister was looking for a champion to fight for him. The lawyer emphasized that when he spoke in public about “trial by combat,” he was referring specifically to a legal clash of the parties.

“It was not a speech stirring up emotions. (…) It is very typical of the lying press to take words out of context,” Giuliani said, referring to the interpretation of his words as a call to storm the Capitol.

As The Hill notes, according to the lawyer, the president is not responsible for what happened in Washington shortly after his speech, and the storming was a provocation by anti-fascist movements. The FBI, for its part, has already noted that this is an unlikely theory.

Earlier on Jan. 14, Trump said that his genuine associates cannot support political violence and offend their fellow citizens. Furthermore, they are not capable of attacking police officers or disrespecting the “great American flag.” Trump stressed that all those responsible for the unrest in Washington will be held accountable.

The storming of the Capitol in the U.S. took place on January 6 during a rally of supporters of the current head of state who do not recognize the results of the November vote, which resulted in the election of Democrat Joe Biden as president. Protests led to clashes with police. Five people were killed and dozens detained.

Democrats accused the incumbent of sedition and voted to impeach him in the House of Representatives. The impeachment resolution will now be sent to the Senate. The last attempt by Democrats to impeach a Republican president failed at this very stage. In addition, there is a possibility that the upper house simply will not have time to vote on the initiative before Trump’s presidential term expires on January 20.