Trump’s lawyers demand another count of votes in Georgia

A recount of votes in the state of Georgia was demanded by a team of US President Donald Trump’s lawyers, which initiated lawsuits aimed at revising the voting results in the presidential election.

In a widespread statement, lawyers say they are demanding a “fair recount,” which must include a comparison of voters’ signatures. In their opinion, without this, the result will be “false”.

An earlier manual recount in Georgia confirmed the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The US elections took place on November 3. Most of the votes have already been counted, but the results have not yet been officially announced. Based on available data, on November 7, leading American media announced Biden’s victory in the presidential elections. Biden himself, in an address to the nation, also declared himself president-elect. Many world leaders congratulated him on his victory in the elections.

Republican Trump accused Democrats of fraud and electoral fraud. He did not admit defeat and initiated a number of lawsuits in order to obtain a review of the voting results in several states.

On Sunday night Moscow time, the Pennsylvania District Court, giving 20 electoral votes, found no reason to revise the state’s presidential vote. Judge Matthew Brann called the plaintiffs’ arguments “baseless and speculative.” Trump team’s lawsuit dismissed “no right to resubmit.”